Monday, 21 February 2011

Fine Gael are currently on 37% and moving upwards (dramatically). The Independents are on 15% and so it is entirely conceiveable that they might be forming a government with them. In the light of the Labour Party's pro-abortion position the pro-life argument might be decisive in the run up to election day.

There is not much we can do; but there are things that we can do. If we don't feel up to phoning Radio stations then we can at least send e mails:

In the current climate a Fine Gael victory, with a couple of good indos, would be the least worst result. Given the perverse nature of the Left you can be sure that Labour would 'hard-wire' an abortion policy into any programme for Government. Furthermore you can be sure that if Fine Gael resorted to a coalition with them any pro-life 'convictions' would be 'modified' in the quest for power. It's therefore important that the FG lead increases.

More on the Labour Party's pro-abortion position:

Ireland- United for Life!:

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