Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Spot the Chalk and Cheese of Marriage

Family and Life have just posted an interesting article on the latest Central Statistics Office data relating to marriage.

Over 22% of marriages are now 'civil' affairs. Of course, if they take place between Catholics they enjoy State legality but not Ecclesiastical legality. Some of these marriages will also have taken place between people not eligible to be married in a Catholic Church.

As Father Brian McKevitt OP points out: “What the Church offers is a union of a man and woman that is simply unbreakable, it is for life. Nothing short of death can end it. What the state offers is a union that can be ended if either person decides later on that he or she wants out. ... In this way a civil marriage resembles cohabitation, where either party is free to end the relationship and walk away.''

This is another example of how the Church offers a plan for social stability; whereas the modern Liberal State can do no such thing.

Spot the Chalk and Cheese of Marriage...    

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